May 2 Happy Hour at Nellie’s

Plan ahead and mark your calendar for Shaw Dog Park’s May fundraiser at Nellie’s Sports Bar.

$1 of every Nellie’s Light beer sold this night will be donated to the dog park.

More details to come!


Dog Park Tip – Watch your dog

Tip 3: Watch your dog

It can be tempting to lose yourself in conversation or your phone when your dog is contained in an off-leash park. Don’t.


For the safety and well-being of your dog and others’, make sure you know what your dog is up to at all times.

Photographer’s note: all subjects featured in the dog park tips are willing volunteers.

Dog Park Best Practices

Tip 2: Unleash

Remove your dog’s leash–assuming it is safe* to do so–before entering the main park.


A dog on a leash is disadvantaged when first meeting and greeting the unleashed park dogs.

*You should remove your dog’s leash in the front vestibule separating the street from the main park IF both gates are closed and there is no danger of your dog escaping.


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