Shaw Dog Park Turns Six

Shaw Dog Park celebrates its sixth anniversary on Saturday, November 15, from 11:00a.m. to 1:00p.m.

Come join the fun and show your support DC’s first official public dog park!


Howl-o-ween at Shaw Dog Park


Join us for a not-so-spooky celebration and costume contest. We’ll be joined by local celebrity judges as your pups compete for: Best Small Dog Costume, Best Big Dog Costume, and best Couple Costume (human/dog).

Judging will take place at approximately 11:30a.m. NOON

October 25 – start working on your costume now!

Visitor Spotlight – Jack

An occasional series profiling Shaw Dog Park visitors.

Meet Jack, a two-year old mixed breed (likely African Basenji and possibly Australian Shepard). Jack’s guardian, Sarah, explains what makes Jack tick.



In 2011, I was living in Sierra Leone in a house with a gated courtyard. On Christmas Eve, I woke up and found that my courtyard had been broken into and my generator was stolen.

The next morning, I found a 3 week old puppy, Jack, outside my door. My landlord didn’t allow dogs inside the house, so she lived outside until she was injured at 4 months old. Her shoulder and leg were so badly broken, she was unable to move. There’s only one vet in the country, and he has no ability to treat injuries of this type. So, I snuck her into my home and that was the end of that – she was my baby.



She loves cats, especially Skylar, a friend’s cat I’ve taken care of in the past. But if you asked her, I’m sure she would want to be the only animal around.


Any stuffed animal that sounds like prey.


Other dogs congregating at entrance to the dog park makes her nervous, as does being sniffed before she’s settled in.


She spends all day sleeping in the sun on my bed, watching squirrels out the window.


When she was younger, she loved to be chased around the park by other dogs. Now, she spends most of her time watching other dogs or visiting with the their owners.


When Jack was left with me, I was told she was a male puppy. Despite having had several dogs when I was younger, I simply accepted that Jack was male until the vet managed to convince me otherwise. I liked the name, so I modified it to Miss Jack.

Flying her in from Sierra Leone was surprisingly easy. All you need to enter the US is certification of rabies vaccination or signing an agreement that you will vaccinate within 10 days of arrival. The difficult part is finding the right combination of flights – there are restrictions on flying with a dog when it’s above 80 degrees (every day in Sierra Leone), and bringing dogs on flights longer than 6-8 hours. Royal Air Maroc came to the rescue and got us back to the US safely. The best part? It only cost $150!

2014 Board Members and Officers

Attendees of the Jan 24, 2014, Shaw Dog Park Annual Meeting elected this year’s board members, who, in turn, elected the association’s officers.

2014 Board Members and Officers

Brad Scarborough – President
Warren Randolph – Vice President
Lillian Iversen – Secretary
John McDermott – Treasurer

Standing Members
Stephanie Dahle
Tyler Jug
Kate Kolstad
Steve Oatmeyer

Save The Date

Shaw Dog Park’s annual meeting and volunteer appreciation event – coming soon!

January 24, 2014

Stay tuned for time and location

Five Years and Counting

Thanks to everyone who came out to celebrate five years of the Shaw Dog Park.

Additional thanks to

* All who showed support by purchasing Shaw Dog Park T-Shirts and the new Shaw Dog Park Logo Poop Bag Holders.

*Those who purchased raffle tickets to enter the drawing to win awesome prize giveaways.

*City Paws Veterinarian Hospital for its generous contribution to this year’s anniversary party and the park.

*Our friends and community partners who donated prizes.

We certainly appreciate the support of our sponsors and community partners.

Shaw Dog Park Association would also like to give a special thanks to Councilman and DC Mayoral Candidate Jack Evans and ANC6D Commissioner Alex Padro. We are deeply appreciative of your commitment and continued support.

Finally, we would like to thank all of our Shaw Dog Park Volunteers. Our volunteers make it possible for us to all to enjoy a safe clean dog park. As Councilman Jack Evans said, “The [Shaw] dog park would not exist if it were not for the dedicated volunteers who keep this a model dog park….” We sincerely appreciate our very special group of volunteers who are very generous with their time and energy.

We are looking forward to the next 5 years!!!

Raffle Ticket Update: advanced ticket sale closed

dogpartyUPDATE: Online sales of raffle tickets is now closed.  Come to the party at 11a.m. to buy your tickets–credit/debit cards accepted.

Buy your raffle tickets in advance online and pick them up at the Nov. 2 anniversary party.Click the PayPal button below to purchase and choose your option–$5, $10 or $20–when you check out.

Raffle ticket prices –
$5 for 1 ticket
$10 for 3 tickets
$20 for 7 tickets

Can’t make the party? No worries.  Your tickets are still eligible for the drawing.  We will notify you of winnings by email.

* All proceeds go to Shaw Dog Park Association, a 501 (c) 3 tax-exempt organization, for maintenance and operation of the Shaw Dog Park.

Shaw Dog Park Turns Five


Shaw Dog Park invites canines and their human companions to celebrate its fifth anniversary.

Saturday, Nov. 2.  11am to 1:30 pm

The party will feature

* Snacks for people and pets

* Beverages

* Tshirt sales

And last but not least

* RAFFLE with fabulous prizes

A big thanks to our growing list of raffle prize donors.

Special thanks to CityPaws Animal Hospital for its continued support of the park and its special support of the fifth anniversary party.