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Visitor Spotlight–Rosie


mixed breed (boxer/shepherd mix?), 3 years old


Rosie comes to DC from Tennessee by way of Michigan. She was rescued with her 3 siblings in Tennessee and brought to Michigan, where their chances for adoption were greater.

Home life

Rosie has been with her human family since she was three months old. She is an only pup, so visits to the park are a great chance to get out and socialize without the style-cramping leash.

Favorite park activity

Wandering around to meet the people; face-licking.

Favorite toy

Tennis ball, recent replacement for her previous long-time favorite, the squeaky dinosaur

Visitor Spotlight–Poppyseed


mixed breed, 14 mos. old


Poppyseed was found on the side of the road in West Virginia with her siblings, mama and another dog companion. She found her way to DC through the efforts of Shenandoah Valley Dog Rescue.

Home Life

Poppyseed has lived in DC with her humans (Lauren and husband) since she was 8 weeks old. She is an only-pup but can often be found playing with her Beagle best friend and neighbor, Wally.

Favorite Park Activity

Chase/Keep-away. Poppyseed likes mixing it up with the big dogs in the large park area.

Favorite Toy

Stuffed elephant