The Shaw Dog Park Association seeks enthusiastic and dedicated members of the community to join its executive committee and board of directors.

We are currently inviting immediate applications for president, vice president, treasurer, and secretary, as well as for positions on the board of directors. In addition to specific duties for each position, everyone on the SDPA contributes equally during park maintenance and community outreach activities. Time commitment is only a few hours every month. Please email with your name, contact information, and a brief statement of interest. We anticipate filling vacancies at our Annual Meeting on Wednesday, February 8, 2017 in order to begin planning for projects for the forth-coming year. Even if you’re not interested in an official role, we still need your help!

Thank you!- SDPA

Board Members (7 positions)
• Administer all affairs of the organization, and control all expenditures and property of the organization.
• Call and administer all annual and special members’ meetings.
• Hold regular monthly board meetings to attend to and administer on-going planning, financial and operational needs of the organization.
• Appoint the officers of the organization.
• Create standing and ad hoc committees.

• Serve as general manager of the organization and shall supervise, direct, and control the organization’s activities, business affairs, and officers.
• Preside at all members’ meetings and at all board meetings.
• Serve as ex-officio member of all committees created by the board.
• Serve as the organization’s focal point and the principal spokesperson for all park project planning meetings with city personnel.

Vice President
• In absence of the president or secretary, shall perform duties of those offices and as otherwise directed by the president.

• Keep an accurate book of accounts of the organization’s properties and transactions.
• Receive, collect, and deposit all funds.
• Prepare a written financial report for each annual members meeting and for each monthly board meeting.

• Record meeting minutes at annual meeting, monthly board meetings, and committee meetings (if applicable).
• Notify members of regular meetings.
• Keep a current book of members’ records.

Standing Committees
Each standing committee shall consist of two or more members.
• Project / Fundraising • Park Maintenance and Planning
• Membership / Volunteers • Communications / Marketing and PR
• Nominations and elections • Community outreach

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